Premier e-Inspection Management Suite for The Workplace

Many organisations often need to face compliance checks and failure to meet standards and guidelines might lead to detrimental effects. With intelliCHECK, it ensures compliance with all regulations and when violations arose, it will immediately be detected and highlighted. Inspection is made easy with our intelliCHECK.

Check and Inspection Made Easy

Digital inspection forms removes all illegible handwriting and web-based application enables real-time inspection check and digital endorsing of inspection findings. Our intelliCHECK will optimize processes and reduce any lag time and unfavourable variation.

Compliance Easy

Our professional team will plan and strategize to customise your required digital inspection checklist. With the digitalized checklist in place, the assigned inspector will schedule periodic inspection check via the Inspection Scheduler feature. Any failed elements will also be captured as photo evidence and conveniently enable the respondent to close the inspection findings instantly upon rectification with report and photo.

Conclusive and Analytical Reports

intelliCHECK provide an overview and overall understanding of the compliance status of your business. PDF reports are generated in real-time key statistics and will also identify and capture Non-Conformity Reports (NCRs) i.e. defect observations or abnormality and Incident Reports. All these reports can be retrieved conveniently in mobile devices.


Compliance Easy

Comply to the tender specifications easily.

Signed Digitally

A greater focus on doing the right tasks which will result in time and manpower saving.

Save Costs

Save administrative costs with auto-generated reports feature.


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