Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wearable solution

  • Uses BLE to scan and detect paired wearables
  • Safe distancing alert (within 1 – 2 metre range)
  • Logging of close contact encounters for contact tracing
  • Sync automatically with the IoT download gateway to retrieve contact tracing logs to the intelliSOLUTIONTM platform

intelliTRACETM contact tracing solution uses BLE to scan and detect paired wearables.

In the event when 2 personnel get too close within a 1 – 2m range, both will receive a visual and vibration alert on their wearables to warn them to keep a safe distance from each other. If they persistently remain close to one another, the wearable will begin to log the proximity violation to generate a contact tracing log event.

intelliTRACETM bluetooth wearables provide personnel level of check for safe distancing and worker cohorting.

For remote monitoring of workers  to ensure proper implementation of safe distancing measures and segregation of workers


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