Facial Recognition Thermal Screening Visitor Management System

  • Contactless Thermal Scanner
  • Facial Recognition Camera
  • Easy Site Control Access

Uses the world top 3 face algorithm (Face++) can detect if the person is wearing a mask prior to entry into the premises. It is classified by HSA as Class A medical device under rule 12 of GN-13.


  • IR temperature scanner with AI facial recognition (mask detection) access control
  • Support detecting and tracking of 5 persons simultaneously
  • Contactless temperature screening
  • Time attendance management
  • Produces indication (e.g. Red or Green color) when the temperature exceeds a certain cut-off


  • Support time verification
  • Support multiple languages
  • Safe to use contactless system
  • Multiple modes of installation (Stand, Wall or Desktop-mounted)
  • Can be used alone or integrated with door access, retractable or turnstile gates as smart access control system

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